List Research

List Research Services

The process of conducting research for obtaining one or more postal mailing lists or e-mail lists to be used as part of a direct marketing campaign or events.


Our clients provide us the unorganized raw data from which we derive the contact details that could be used beneficially.


Our research experts perform extensive research to deliver the required information from trusted and viable resources. Our experts conduct primary research via voice research and secondary research using the resources available across the Internet.


We not only provide the data but we also bring value to the data by providing valuable in-depth analysis for the development of the project.


We understand the intricacies of the clients and find answers to their every query. We ensure that the list is relevant and high in quality. We implement data de-duplication through automated tools as well as manually to ensure that we provide an accurate list that is profoundly relevant to the needs of our clients.


BDS services offer email marketing and email listings conducted through systematic research. The key benefits of partnering with us are:


  • 1. Our sophisticated work plan enables to tackle all the challenges and provide prompt services to our clients.

  • 2. Our methodologies offer competitive business insights that would strengthen your projects.

  • 3. Our experts would provide clean, accurate and up-to-date mailing lists with our customised list research services.