BDS Advantages


Low Cost

Competition is a word that constantly keeps our assets and expertise honed but we love to convert it into a driving force that motivates us to deliver our best. By using BDS Services you can get your work done at a fraction of the cost than you would have to spend locally. The team is dedicated purely to your data needs so therefore you will receive a better quality of information.

Because of the difference in pay and standard of living that exist between Asian and Western countries, labour costs are much lower in Asia. On an average you can expect about a 60% cost saving if you outsource to countries such as India.

The low cost has no impact on the quality. It’s cost effective; not cheap.


Skilled expertise

BDS always have a pensive and carefully designed outlook when it is related to reacting quickly to the change. We make great use of the futuristic technology and tools. Outsourcing frees companies from these hassles by providing access to skilled resources at lower costs with the additional benefit of not having the burden of managing them directly.


Time Zone Difference

You can be rest assured and need not worry about the time zone difference. We can still get your work done while your business closes down in the evening. This is especially beneficial for companies in the service industry who have global business presence.